Flanders Mill is a 137-acre park-like neighborhood designed to have an “old Bozeman” look and feel while providing a modern infrastructure, including fiber optic cable. At final build-out, this seven-phase subdivision will include 272 single-household lots ranging from .185 ac to .406 ac, townhomes, and 195 multi-household residences. 

Located within the city limits in northwest Bozeman, Flanders Mill is north of Durston Road, and bordered by Flanders Mill Road, Baxter Lane, and Ferguson Avenue. This convenient location allows direct access to the 100-acre Gallatin County Regional Park and 80-acre future sports complex, as well as quick and easy acces to both downtown and north 19th retailers, adjacent K-12 schools, Montana State University, Yellowstone International Airport, Interstate 90, and Four Corners.

Geographically, Flanders Mill offers immediate access to more bordering acreage designated for recreation than any other subdivision within Bozeman’s city limits. And within its boundaries, the Flanders Mill neighborhood contains a greater amount of dedicated recreational space than the City of Bozeman requires. 

Residents can enjoy 36 acres of dedicated parklands, common space and stream corridors throughout the entire subdivision featuring pavilions, picnic tables, playgrounds, benches, and manicured lawns for both passive and active recreation. The two large connected ponds - totaling 3.86 acres - are great for kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, and casting; and are fed and aerated by a natural spring that ensures a healthy habitat for native species. The Gallatin Valley Land Trust trail system travels through the subdivsion and integrates with over 4.5 miles of Flanders Mill trails and paths, including a mile-long streamside trail and fitness route. A 30' to 50’-wide landscaped border will surround Flanders Mill on three sides. This tree-lined perimeter will include a 10’-wide, multi-use path. These park-like spaces provide a pleasing experience for shared pedestrian and bicycle traffic, away from vehicle traffic.

The Architectural & Landscape Design Guidelines include diverse building designs and construction materials that are consistent with a ‘modern Montana’ vibe, and landscaping appropriate for a cultivated neighborhood. Custom home designs sanctioned by the guidelines include craftsman, modern farmhouse, and gracious cottage to name a few. Each home will feature a welcoming front porch that is an added focal point within the streetscape as well.

The wide primary streets will have landscaped center medians—for both safety as well as aesthetics. Both the primary and secondary streets feature roundabouts, which are proven to decrease accidents and improve traffic flow.

An extensive park and trail system, interesting streetscapes created by a variety of home design and building materials, and its key geographical location set Flanders Mill apart from other Bozeman neighborhoods.

For more information contact Wendy Wilson at 406.579.4382.

 Developer reserves the right to make changes without notice.  Independent verification of lot measurements and size should be obtained by prospective buyer.